"This is not my usual genre to read, but I was given the book as a gift, and was intrigued with the cover, so I read Conall. From the first chapter in the book I was gripped. It tells the story of a simple blacksmith's son whose parents and sisters were brutally murdered. Conall starts off on a journey of vengeance with a band of young followers, most not much older than children. The story leads the reader through his growth as a man, a warrior and the leader of his army. The narrative used is authentic, the battle scenes satisfyingly vivid, and the antics of the sidhe will both terrify and delight you. If you like Games of Thrones - you will love Conall."
- Judith Fullerton, Author of The Selkie Pact.

Watch the new video trailer for Conall: Rinn-Iru (The Place of Blood) by Author David H. Millar
A big thank-you to Judith Fullerton author of The Selkie Pact who made the trailer.