Congratulations to Author David H. Millar on being elected to the Board of the Irish Network Houston.
The mission of Irish Network Houston is to 'strengthen ties between Houston and Ireland by providing professional networking and social events to people who appreciate Irish heritage and culture'. The Irish Network Houston connects Irish-born, Irish American, those with an affinity to Ireland and their peers in the greater Houston area, providing a forum where individuals, with a love for Irish heritage and culture, can network and connect.

 I purchased The Tipping Point by Author Malcolm Gladwell because it was recommended by Author Kristen Lamb in her book Rise of the Machines. Having now read and enjoyed both, I would suggest that these excellent and very readable books should be well-thumbed over and on the desk (not the dusty bookshelves) of all authors and entrepreneurs. The Tipping Point as its name suggests explores what ‘tips’ an activity from being run-of-the-mill, destined to disappear without trace into a roaring success. My personal interest was what makes a best-selling book that does not languish in the depths of Amazon’s ratings? Gladwell’s book puts forward the three rules of the Tipping Point – the Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor and the Power of Context and introduces the three groups of people that make the laws work – the Connectors (‘social glue’), the Mavens (‘information brokers’) and the Salesmen (‘persuaders’). The book not only is informative, but is well-written, illustrated with great case studies and is certainly not dry. My take away for my first read through – stop looking for big changes; focus on the smaller pieces of the puzzle that can be manipulated into place. They may just tip the balance. (Reviewer: David H. Millar author of Conall: Rinn-Iru (The Place of Blood))
When I opened Favorite Dog Stories by James Herriot it was as if I was being reacquainted with old friends not visited for several decades. The book itself should be on every bedside and coffee table. This slim hardback volume contains wonderful watercolors that perfectly illustrate scenes from the various stories. Although focused on the various dog characters, the book is a delightful study of the interaction of the animals and their owners set against the background of a Yorkshire village. Herriot’s gift for storytelling is such that he effortlessly blends all the elements of a good tale and makes reading a pleasure. This is a book that will be well-thumbed over. Buy it, you will never be unhappy with your choice. (Review by David H Millar)