This is my first blog... ever, but as a new author apparently I have to generate interest in my novel (and future novels) otherwise no-one will buy them! I also have a goal of being a famous author before my hair recedes further - so please help! The blog will have several focuses:
First, I would genuinely like to get feedback on my novel (Conall: Rinn-Iru). It is my first fiction piece and is likely not perfect, so I am looking on it as a First Edition which may (or may not) be refined. I take some consolation that the first novels of some of my favorite authors were not as smoothly flowing as their later novels, but they did have a theme or a set of characters that said, "Try the next in the series."
Second, I will be using the blog to talk about the period the book is set in and Celtic culture in general. In this case, the book is set in Ériu (Ireland) around 400 BC. A time when myth, legend and fact were liberally mixed. It is also a period about which very little is known - so if you have interesting insights on the period, I would love to hear them.
Third, in my role as managing director of A Wee Publishing Company, I will be unashamedly promoting our services in the area of Celtic literature and art. To use a strategic buzzword I am hoping that the company will grow "organically" to better serve its target market. So if there is something as a writer or an artist that you absolutely hate doing, tell me about it and maybe it can become part of our services.
Fourth and finally, for this item at least, it is my intention to expand the number of bloggers on this website. A Wee Company's Editor, Lauren McAdow, will be contributing future articles on the more technical aspects of writing and a good friend who is both a storyteller and writer of Irish yarns will be writing for us. However, I am looking for 2-3 more contributors in the area of Celtic literature and art, so please send me a note (or a sample of what your opening blog would be like) using the Contact Form. I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.


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