As a novice "indie" author, the learning curve has been pretty steep and I keep discovering areas that could make a material difference as to how successfully my current and future books will be distributed. 
Today's discovery was that Amazon's Kindle eBook format appears to be different from Nook, iBooks, Kobo and just about everyone else. While I can appreciate the need for any business wanting to maintain a competitive advantage, this strikes me as just plain silly if not "cutting your nose off to spite your face." It has the potential to antagonize both authors and customers.
As an author, I'm in the "I wish I had known this sooner" category. Possibly I may have chosen the other format. At the very least I would have been alerted to the need for two eBook formats for a comprehensive market coverage.  And, from what I can tell, it is not a simple conversion process, but entails going back to the original manuscript. Thus, it has an impact on maintaining a consistent interior book design.
I would love to hear how other authors cope with this


09/30/2015 5:55am

I look forward to your books. I love reading per se. So it does not need to be in paperback or a small pocketbook-sized material or even an ebook. If it offers good content, then you have my attention and affection. Reading a book is like courting because you get to know if that book is meant for you or not. If you will finish it in one seating or not. That’s how I feel about reading generally.

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