It strikes me that there are four overarching phases to writing a novel: writing, editing, design and promotion. This of course does not include the over-riding phase of despair! My writing tends to be ad hoc and dream-inspired. I do not have set times when I sit down and just write, possibly because I still have a “day job” of running a consulting company which pays my salary while I also attempt to get a new start-up company (A Wee Publishing Company) off the ground. I’m supposed to be an expert in start-ups, but sometimes the adage “physician heal thyself” comes back to bite you with a vengeance. I certainly dream of the day that I become a full-time author and can devote myself to writing best-sellers all day long. However, I suspect that successful authors would likely tell me that this in itself is urban myth or fantasy. 
But back to writing, by which I also include developing a story-line. Although I term my writing habit as ad hoc I actually undertook a lot of research once I had decided on a period and culture. I strongly suspect that, in the historical fiction genre, many authors are more expert in their period than their academic counterparts. I would happily go head-to-head with anyone on ancient Ireland circa 400 BC. 
As a new writer, at least in fiction, I thought I would never get past the first fifty pages. There was so much white space to fill up. By the time I had reached 500 pages I was beginning to panic as to how to draw the book to an appropriate conclusion leaving threads that would link it to the next in the series, but yet be a self-supporting story in its own right. 
Now my challenge is how to end this blog article with a suitably snappy comment. I will defer to Brendan Behan - “All publicity is good, except an obituary notice.” Until the next time, “Slántu”



06/29/2015 7:10pm

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