Creating community


What should an Author David H. Millar blog about? What will spark interest and comment from readers? What will persuade readers that handing over a proportion of their disposable income – a commodity in short supply in harsh economic times – will give them a pleasurable experience in return? 
There seems to be two divergent views on this. One perspective is that an author - being a writer should obviously blog about writing, the agonies of getting published, his or her books, the characters and possibly dangle tempting morsels about the plot. Boring, but relatively straightforward to accomplish which I suspect is why most authors travel along this path.
The other viewpoint is that people buy books from authors they “know” and who take the time to get to know them. In this scenario, the “book” is likely the last item on the list of topics for blogs or other social media platforms. In fact it may not make the list at all – unless asked for. Marketing-wise, this strategy is Marketing 101 – know your customer. Social media makes me uncomfortable and I have an intense dislike for reality TV – apart from the Osbournes! However, it does makes more sense that the first option. So do I have a choice?


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