How did they curse in 400 BC Ireland? I pondered this one quite some time as it appeared to me that warriors would not have been overly polite prior to stabbing or removing their opponent’s limbs – or indeed of being on the receiving end. Likewise, in their camps conversation would not have been the Queen’s English. Also, I doubt very much whether they would have had the full lexicon of modern swear words. That said, I strongly suspect that phrases such as “Kiss my arse” or “Póg ma thoin” are eternal. 
However, when I tried to translate the seemingly simple “Go to Hell” I discovered that there was no word for “Hell” in Ancient Ireland! Iron Age Celts knew of Mag Mell (the "Delightful Plain" similar to the Roman Elysium Fields), Tir inna n-Óc (Land of Youth) and Tir Tairngire (Land of Promise). There are also vague references to the Otherworld in Celtic literature, but this seems more a place where the aes sidhe, deities and ancestors live as opposed to an after-life. So basically, until Christianity came ashore in Ireland, the Celts had no word for Hell. Makes you wonder, eh!
I’ll close this blog with a quote from the best comedian Ireland ever produced, Dave Allen, “The terrible thing about dying over there [Ireland] is you miss your own wake. It's the best day of your life. You've paid for everything and you can't join in. Mind you, if you did you'd be drinking on your own.”


02/17/2016 1:38am

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Lol story with that blog))

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I've paid for everything and I can't join in? What?

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