The ancient festival of Lughnasa is approaching. Join our good friend and storyteller, Maxine Lennon as she tell Lugh's tales: stories of ancient times before the Celts who define Ireland today set foot on her soil, back to the time when all were gods and goddesses, back to before the Tua de Danaan retreated to below the earth. And who knows what other tales may decide to fall from Maxine's mouth.

Venue: The Path of Tea, 2340 W Alabama, Houston, TX
Date & Time: July 31 at 7.00 p.m.
Cost: $5.00
Adults only!


Eagerly waiting to hear from Maxine lennon as she is a good famous story teller and read some her essays in famous websites. As a lover of literature I will definitely enjoy her stories. I like the narration of the ancient stories.

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