I purchased The Tipping Point by Author Malcolm Gladwell because it was recommended by Author Kristen Lamb in her book Rise of the Machines. Having now read and enjoyed both, I would suggest that these excellent and very readable books should be well-thumbed over and on the desk (not the dusty bookshelves) of all authors and entrepreneurs. The Tipping Point as its name suggests explores what ‘tips’ an activity from being run-of-the-mill, destined to disappear without trace into a roaring success. My personal interest was what makes a best-selling book that does not languish in the depths of Amazon’s ratings? Gladwell’s book puts forward the three rules of the Tipping Point – the Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor and the Power of Context and introduces the three groups of people that make the laws work – the Connectors (‘social glue’), the Mavens (‘information brokers’) and the Salesmen (‘persuaders’). The book not only is informative, but is well-written, illustrated with great case studies and is certainly not dry. My take away for my first read through – stop looking for big changes; focus on the smaller pieces of the puzzle that can be manipulated into place. They may just tip the balance. (Reviewer: David H. Millar author of Conall: Rinn-Iru (The Place of Blood))


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