Sometimes it is hard for a reviewer to do justice to a book apart from simply recommending it as a ‘must read.’
 The Selkie Pact by Author Judith Fullerton is such a book. Apart from a storyline that maintains the reader’s interest from page 1 to page 294, the book evoked deep and happy memories about a culture and region – the North Antrim coast of Northern Ireland, which I left behind some years ago. However, The Selkie Pact is not only for the teary-eyed diaspora of Ireland, but a new fairytale with global appeal.
The building of the characters, descriptions of the townlands and coast, and use of local expressions blend seamlessly to tell an enchanting story of Finn and his family and the fulfilling of the ‘pact.’ The Selkie Pact is a book that children and grandchildren should enjoy as much as parents and grandparents. Buy it, sit down in a comfortable rocking chair with your grandchild on your knee and enjoy the tale and its telling.
I should also add that the cover artwork by Belfast-born artist Michael McEvoy is the perfect complement to the story.



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