From prose to poetry!
In May 2014, I found myself in the position of being appointed guardian of a delightful 4 month old baby girl - Sasha. This was somewhat of a traumatic event for a 60-something whose thoughts were of upgrading the games room not setting up a nursery. My opinion of the State of Texas and the Legal System's processes for how they deal with a very vulnerable child caught between two (unmarried) parents and three sets of grandparents all clamoring to assert their rights and take possession, is unprintable. Likely, it would be a suitable karma for all the adults involved (myself included) to be transported back to when they were the same age and have them suffer the sad, sorry path Sasha was forced to take.
Being an author, however, and not having enough to do between writing the Conall series of historical fiction novels and my consulting day-job, I began a new project several nights ago. It's provisional title is "Musings on an Almost Granddaughter." Likely this will change, but for now it is a pretty descriptive title.The book will be a bitter-sweet collections of short poems and comment and a reflection on the past year. Hopefully it will make you laugh as well as cry. 
I envision the final product as a small, 75-100 page hardback, one poem or pithy comment per page and with pleasant watercolor illustrations.
Over the next few months I will be publishing the poems as part of my blog. I will love to hear your comment and suggestions.


Pam Rudolph
01/14/2015 12:07pm

As a huge Canadian fan of Conall I know your musings will be worth the read.

01/25/2016 9:00am

I haven't gotten hold of the Conall series of historical fiction novels, but have started browsing the net for a preview. They sound really great and I look forward to having a copy. I will check it out in our community library next time. I wish you luck on your book on musings. I think that it is going to be great. To see things from the point of view of a grandparent must be something and to reminisce what it was like on your younger years. I think we'll learn a lot from this.

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