Conall: The Place of Blood - Rinn-Iru by Belfast-born Author David H. Millar is soon to be reissued with new cover artwork by Amygdala Design and a new map by WillowRaven.

A vicious slaughter robs Conall Mac Gabhann of his family, sending the young blacksmith's apprentice on a quest for vengeance across ancient Ériu. Those responsible will pay for his loss. A rousing adventure in the spirit of Ireland’s ancient legends. Conall: Rinn-Iru brings to life the battles, intrigue, betrayals, and courage that are part of life for the Celts who call Ériu home.



01/06/2016 5:15am

Despite the availability of e-books and free reading materials on the internet, I still love buying and collecting paperbound or hardcover books especially the popular book series. You can consider me a bookworm although I prefer to read any fiction stories than my school books. I still remembered when I was in high school, I used to pretend I am studying my history lessons but actually I was just reading a romance novel hidden in my history book. I can read novel books in class all day instead of listening to my teachers. That’s how obsessed I am with books!

03/27/2016 5:34pm

This is an awesome artwork indeed! thank you for sharing this information! I will use your blog in order to have a real proofreading example for my own writing

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