The historical fiction series by Belfast-born Author David H. Millar based on the adventures, trials and triumphs of blacksmith's apprentice turned warrior king - Conall Mac Gabhann, has had a longer gestation phase than anticipated!
The original book of the series - Conall: The Place of Blood (Rinn-Iru) first published in May 2014, has been revised taking into consideration some useful comments by reviewers, new cover artwork by Ida from Amygdala Design and a new illustration of Ériu (Ireland) by Willow Raven, WillowRaven Illustration and Design
The sequel, Conall II: The Raven's Flight (Eitilt an Fhiaigh Dhuibh) has overcome some unexpected delays and, along with the revised first novel, is on course for publication in print and eBook formats for late-October.
The third book in the series, Conall III: The Sisters (Na Deirfiúracha), has a focus on the female characters who are often more frightening than their male counterparts. The manuscript is expected to be completed by end-2015 which would likely point to a mid-2016 publication date.


02/19/2016 9:05am

I will wait!

I liked the way you wrote it. You did not divert from the topic even once which I have not seen in many other writers.

04/27/2016 12:28am

Good idea!!

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