Released April 2016. The revised Conall: The Place of Blood - Rinn-Iru and the new Conall II: The Raven's Flight - Eitilt an Fhiaigh Dhuibh are available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.
Celtic heroes and villains from myth, legend, and history converge in this epic series set in the vast ancient forests, treacherous bogs, snow-capped mountains, and mysterious lochs of Ireland and northern Scotland. 
Cover design by Ida from Amygdala Bookdesign and map illustrations by Aidana from WillowRaven Illustration & Design.



06/10/2016 4:29pm

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06/29/2016 11:02pm

I really love this books first I was not entertained, but in the middle part it was really great. The scenes are really tough all the fight and action were there. The first book is all about the eagerness for Conall to revenge on those who slaughtered his family. The second book was extremely entertaining because the battle was improved and some heroes and villains from myth came out. This is really a good read, especially if you are a person who loves action.

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