So Author David H. Millar, what is the progress on the third novel in the Conall Celtic historical fiction series?Thanks for asking! Now that Conall: The Place of Blood and Conall II: The Raven's Flight are released on Amazon and Amazon Kindle, I can turn my focus to finishing the third book in the series - Conall III: The Sisters-Na Deirfiúracha.  
The manuscript for book three is about 80% complete and I am aiming for an end-June for a completed manuscript. Then it's editing, beta-reading, book cover and interior design and map illustrations. My target release date is November 2016.
The third book focuses on the women that surround Conall. Women like the demi-goddess and Sidhe - Mongfhionn , Conall's queen Mórrígan known as the Dark Huntress, Mòrag the voluptuous battle princess of the Ravens and Kartimandu, queen of the Aos na h-Àirde. There is no let up in the action, the plotting, and the intrigues of the Celts.


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