Read the great review of Celtic historical fiction novel Conall: The Place of Blood by Author David H. Millar on the Redheaded Booklover Blog.

"Our novel is a bloody, detailed, graphic affair with many heart-stopping descriptions of epic battles. Our author David H. Millar has painted a very vivid picture of the life and death struggles faced by warriors in the archaic period and that was beautiful to read. This story is ambitious and focuses on much more than fighting and revenge alone. It is an intimate look into a time we have not experienced and is very telling of what it was like to live in that time period.

Millar is a fantastic writer and his work is extremely well-written and entertaining. Not only is the story line intriguing with an interesting premise but it also gives the reader a great glimpse into another time period which makes this novel a gripping, unforgettable tale."

The Conall series is available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle and is distributed to other web and book store retail outlets through IngramSpark.



Reading is my passion and I love the historical fiction and the written word. There are so many wonderful self-published books out there but the big name publishers wont give them the time of day and that is so incredibly sad to me. If you are an independent author reading this then please, keep going! Never stop or give up on your dream of becoming a published/successful author. I am book obsessed.


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