The forth novel in the Celtic historical fiction series by Author David H. Millar -- Conall IV: A Brace of Eagles is mid-way to completion of the manuscript. Author and publishing company have targeted a pre-Christmas 2017 launch for the novel. Exciting cover artwork, by Ida Jansson of Amygdala Book Cover and Design should be available in the Autumn 2017.A rousing adventure in the spirit of Ireland's ancient legends, the Conall series focuses on Conall Mac Gabhann, the blacksmith's apprentice turned warrior-king. Set around 400 years before the birth of Christ, the story of Conall is one of bloody battles, political intrigue, tragedy, love, and lust. Cloaked in a rich tapestry of tattoos or wearing armor inlaid with iron scales, the Gaels stand as one, taunting their enemies with fierce battle-cries and insults.

The Conall series are available in both print and EPUB formats from Amazon and Amazon Kindle and through other web and bookstores via IngramSpark.


This engaging book traces the history, archaeology, and legends of ancient Ireland from Neolithic times to the coming of England. Companion to the PBS documentary series. Marvelous. Well-written informative new and fascinating material challenging many myths. Your search for the roots of Irish history and culture begins here, with this marvelous book. This engaging book traces the history, archaeology, and legends of ancient. So much of what people today accept as ancient Irish history-Celtic invaders. The truth is more interesting.

07/14/2017 12:53am

Deliberately set about searching out Ireland's ancient past to create a sense. This idea has persisted into our time, as have other cultural developments of the period. The first historical record of the Celts was by the Greeks about 700 BC. The different Celtic peoples, and the existence of ancestral traditions an ancient perspective. It's a very good historical book about history.

08/30/2017 4:35am

What a beautiful web.. Love to sit here...

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